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Protect Your Family and Firearms With The Most Comprehensive Coverage in America
Bottom line...if you own a firearm, you need 2A Shield Protection. Don't sign up unless you are serious about protecting your family and firearms. 
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Having a home defense plan ready is crucial; you should always have an updated home defense checklist on what to do in situations like armed home invasion, theft, breaking-and-entering, or even a fire.
This guide will cover the most important steps for devising a well-thought-out plan that’s suitable for your home if you have to use firearms.
2A Shield is the best and most affordable solution for any gun owner to protect their family, freedoms and firearms. No CCW Required! Get started for just over $1 per day!
Criminal Charges
Our Gold and Silver Plans provide unlimited legal fees.
On average, a firearm is used in over 3 million self-defense situations per year. Thinking “but it wont happen to me” is a big risk. Don’ leave your freedom and your family in the hands of the police and prosecutor. 
Civil Lawsuits
Up to $2 million in liability protection
Civil lawsuits do not require a unanimous decision. Personal injury attorneys only need to prove that it’s 51% probably true you might be guilty to hit you and your family with a substantial negligence or wrongful death judgement. 2A Shield pays all of the legal expenses and provides for liability protection up to $2 million.
Home and Vehicle Theft Protection
Up to $50,000 in Coverage Through 2A Shield Protection Plans
Did you know that a firearm is stolen every 47 seconds in the USA? Firearm theft is increasing year over year and we've built our theft protection plan as the backbone of our 2A Shield Membership.
Government Confiscation
Newest Addition to our 2A Shield Membership Plans
From red flag laws and ATF door knocks to anything the overreaching government uses to deprive citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights, we keep you informed and aware of what to do in any situation. All of your firearms and accessories that you own are protected under your membership by a community of gun owners who have your rights in mind at all times.
"Thank you for all of your help! I absolutely LOVE that you have combined self-defense legal coverage AND firearm property protection. Plus, you have awesome customer service! I glad I switched from the big-name defense organization that does not even know my name!"
Proud 2A Shield Member
Chris S.
“I just want to commend Chris for his exceptional service that he's doing for the 2A Shield members. After speaking with Chris directly and understanding that Chris has the experience after being involved in self-defense situations, it makes me feel safe knowing that my Husband and our family is protected. Chris truly has a defender’s attitude, and he is passionate about the Constitution and Self-Defense. Chris is a pleasure to work with."
Proud 2A Shield Member
Diane P.
"2A Shield has a great firearms protection program. I was a bit worried about needing to add firearm protection, but it wasn’t a problem at all and I sleep better at night knowing that my large knife and firearm collection is protected. I love telling my people I meet about 2A Shield when I’m at the range or at a show. It amazing how many people have never thought to protect their gear. Plus, it makes me look like I’m much smarter than I am."
Proud 2A Shield Member
Marcus R.
"I damaged my CA AK-47 during a tactical rifle course in the desert. Instead of shipping the rifle to the manufacturer and waiting months for the repairs to be completed, I remembered that my gold membership at 2A Shield offered damage protection. I reached out to 2A Shield, and we worked together to find a solution. In the end, I was able to choose to upgrade to a better model. I’m extremely pleased with 2A Shield and their customer service as well as the ability to find a quick solution. "
Proud 2A Shield Member
John T.
Don't wait until it's too late! PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, FREEDOMS AND FIREARMS with a 2a shield membership
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